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Nardi Atlantic Part PA110103 Safety Valve 330 bar

Nardi Atlantic Compressor
Part PA110-103
(Safety Valve 330 bar)
For Models Without AutoStop

Price: $299.00

Nardi Part Number: PA110-103

Genuine Nardi Replacement Safety Valve. This item suits 330 bar compressors and comes with a certificate of compliance.

Note: Use part PA110-103-A for models with Autostop.

Set Pressure: 325 bar (4712 psi)
Max. Allowable Pressure: 365 bar (5295 psi)
Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Set Range: 250 to 365 bar (3625 to 5295 psi)
Connection: 1/4" BSPP

Material - Lower Body: Brass
Material - Upper Body: Brass
Material - Piston: Brass
Material - Ball: Stainless Steel
Material - O-Ring: Viton
Material - Gasket: PET
Material - Adjusting Screw: Brass
Material - Spring: Steel
Material - Nut: Stainless Steel
Material - Seal: Brass

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