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Underwater Magic Adhesive and Sealant Blue
Underwater Magic Adhesive and Sealant Blue
Underwater Magic Adhesive and Sealant Blue

Underwater Magic Adhesive
& Sealant (Blue)

UWM 002
Price: $76.90

Underwater Magic™ is an extremely strong single component adhesive and sealant, designed for a wide variety of tasks underwater and in swimming pool repairs enabling you to fix leaks or replace tiles underwater.

Like all great inventions, Underwater Magic™ was born from a need. The need for a glue that could perform as well under water as above it. Starting with a successful formula used by commercial divers to seal leaks in ships, the makers teamed with an industry-leading German scientist to push the limits of chemical engineering and create a unique product aptly named Underwater Magic™.

It is odour free and free of Oxime, Acetic Acid, Isocyanate & Solvents , 100% Silicone Free and is not affected by Chlorine, Saltwater, Weathering, UV Light, Aliphatic Solvents, Oils, Grease, Diluted Inorganic Acids or Alkalis.

Underwater Magic™ is a permanently elastic underwater glue and sealant with excellent abrasion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It is resistant to both saltwater and chlorinated water and is safe for use in areas close to food.

Underwater Magic™ will adhere to concrete, ceramic tiles, fibreglass, PVC pool liners, metals, plastics, wood, stone and glass.


• Indoor/outdoor swimming pools in full water contact & underwater
• Repair and replacement of tiles (As both glue and grout)
• Repair and replacement of tile grout
• Repair and replacement of expansion joints
• Repairs to vinyl pool liners
• Fixing or new joints at the edge of the pool
• Piping and building penetrations
• Repairs in and around wet areas
• Repair of fish tanks & ponds
• Paintable with most commercially available paints


• Colour: Blue
• Cartridge Size: 290ml (Standard Caulking Gun)
• Temperature Resistance (Long Term): -40°C to +90°C
• Temperature Resistance (Short Term): +200°C
• Shelf Life: 12 Months from production

Manufactured in Germany.

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