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Nardi Paintball Compressor Atlantic G100 Petrol 225330 bar
Nardi Paintball Compressor Atlantic G100 Petrol 225330 bar
Nardi Paintball Compressor. Atlantic G100 Petrol (225/330 bar)
Nardi Paintball Compressor. Atlantic G100 Petrol (225/330 bar)

Nardi Paintball Compressor
Atlantic G100 Petrol
100 lpm - 225/330 bar

Price: $4,799.00

The Nardi Atlantic range of High Pressure Paintball Compressors are designed to fill Paintball tanks.

Manufactured in Italy and distributed in Australia by AC Diving, the Nardi Atlantic range utilise Nardi's renowned compressor units, used throughout the world and with a well deserved reputation for quality, reliability and quiet operation.

The Atlantic are the most compact of Nardi's Paintball Compressor range, easy to transport due to their low weight and compact size, allowing refills when and where it suits you.

Available in both Atlantic P Electric with single phase motor or Atlantic G Petrol with Subaru-Robin petrol engine.

• Dual Pressure Model with 1 x 225 Bar Hose and 1 x 330 Bar Hose
• True Dual Pressure with Pressure Reducer
• Filling valve with Gauge and Depressurisation standard
• Powder Coated Aluminum frame
• Interstage Condensate Separator decreases the condensation between stages in a position well aerated to maintain low temperate
• Crankshaft perfectly balanced
• High quality materials resistant to thermal and dynamic stresses
• Air conveyor designed for high heat exchange efficiency
• Steel valves for longer life and greater performance
• Low noise and vibration due to perfect balance of the pump unit
• Reliable petrol motors designed and built by Subaru
• Automatic Condensate Drain Included
• Automatic Motor Stop Included (Final Pressure Switch)

Working Pressure: 200 Bar (2900 psi) & 300 Bar (4350 psi)
Safety Valve Pressure: 225 Bar (3260 psi) & 330 Bar (4780 psi)
Charging Rate (FAD): 100 lpm / 6m³h / 3.5 cfm
Filling Time: 20 minutes (10 litres / 200 bar)
No Of Stages: 4
Power Source: Subaru Robin EX17 Petrol Motor
Motor: 5.7 HP / 4.2 Kw / 2100 rpm
Fuel: Unleaded Petrol (3.6 litre tank)
Unit Dimensions: 760mm(L) x 370mm(W) x 430mm(H)
Packaged Dimensions: 790mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 470mm(H)
Weight: 40.0 kg
Noise: 84 dB
Max. Inclination Of Unit: 5°
Max Operating Altitude: 2000m (6560 ft)
Enclosure Rating: IP54
Compressor Oil Capacity: 0.35 Litres
Compressor Oil Type: Mineral 150 Viscosity
Fill Hoses: 2 x 1.0m Supplied (200 Bar & 300 Bar)
Fill Connections: DIN (Yoke Connections Available)

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