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Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm
Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm
Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm
Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm
Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm
Nardi Diving Hookah Extreme 240v 5 Litre Tank 350 lpm

Nardi Diving Hookah
Extreme 240 Volt Electric
350 lpm - 5 Litre Tank
(17m Hose & Regulator)

Price: $2,119.00

The Extreme 350 lpm is the largest of Nardi's 240 volt range. The Extreme suits heavy duty applications supplying multiple divers while remaining remarkably compact and lightweight for a powerful 350 lpm oilless compressor unit. The rugged design uses the frame as the unit's 5 litre air tank.

Manufactured in Italy and exclusively distributed in Australia by AC Diving, the Nardi diving hookah range utilise Nardi's renowned twin cylinder oilless piston compressor units, used throughout the world in medical and dental applications and with a well deserved reputation for quality, reliability and quiet operation. The compressor unit provides vastly superior performance, pressure and reliability compared to the cheap diaphragm units commonly used in diving hookahs. The true oilless design of the compressor unit provides guaranteed air quality and superior safety.

Power Source: 240v (1.8m Lead / 10 Amp Australian Plug)
Motor: 240v Electric / 1500 Watt / 9.5A / 1400 rpm
Compressor: 2 Cylinder / Oilless
Air Intake: 350 lpm (12.3 cfm)
Air Filtration: Replaceable Cartridge (Activated Carbon / Molecular Sieve)
Air Quality: Compliant With AS1715:2009 (Air Quality Requirements)
Pressure - Tank: 10 Bar (142 psi)
Pressure - Outlet: Adjustable - 0 to 10 Bar (0 to 142 psi)
Tank: 5 Litre
Max. Number Of Divers: 2
Max. Recommended Depth: 20 metres
Unit Dimensions: 580mm(L) X 310mm(W) X 390mm(H)
Packaged Dimensions: 600mm(L) x 350mm(W) x 440mm(H)
Unit Weight: 28.0 kg
Packaged Weight: 32.9 kg
Noise: 72 dB
Warranty: 24 Months

Hose Connection: Nardi Quick Connect (With Safety Valve)
Hose: Hi-Fitt-Italy 8mm Breathing Air (PVC with Polyester Reinforcement) 17m
Regulator: MetalSub Thunder (With Integrated Swivel)

The Extreme 240v models are equipped with a breathing air connector as well as a standard Nitto compressed air outlet for pneumatic tools, making the Extreme a handy portable compressor as well as a diving hookah.

The Nardi range of Surface Supply Diving Hookahs are ideal for both recreational activities and commercial work.

• Recreational Diving
• Boat Maintenance
• Pier and Marina Maintenance
• Swimming Pool Maintenance
• Diver Training
• Marine Research

The included Hose/Regulator is 17 metres long with quick-connect fittings. Utilising the 'Additional Diver Kit' which incorporates a T-Coupling and an additional Hose/Regulator (sold separately) the unit can supply a second diver. Hose Extensions (17m) can also be purchased separately.

The output pressure is manually adjustable. The compressor runs only when needed to maintain internal pressure and has an auto shut off when not in use. The compressor works without oil and the quality of air delivered conforms to all relevant legislation regarding breathable air.

Safety Note: When using a Surface Supplied Diving Apparatus (SSBA) you are still breathing compressed air. This can be hazardous if you have not been properly trained.


Additional Diver Kit
Extension Hose 17m
Replacement Filter Cartridge

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